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The expression "Yellow Pages" is an International standard
used for Business Directories all around the

Yellow Pages
= Search by Activity (Companies)
classification by Business Sections (Accountant ... Zoo).

White Pages = Search by Name (People and Companies)
classification by Alphabet (A,B ... Z).

In the late 1880s the first "White" and "Yellow" Pages appeared
in Cheyenne and in Chicago ... soon more came up in Paris and in other cities.
This happened just a few years after Alexander Bell had invented the phone (1876),
Thomas Edison the light bulb (1879)
and while Gustave Eiffel was working on his Eiffel Tower (1887-1889) ...

Two centuries before (1671 - 1738),
Cremerie de Paris and the Hotel de Villeroy
located in the heart of Paris
were the seat of the Royal French Postal Services run by Leon Pajot et Louis Rouillé.
Horses were carrying mail to their 800 postal stations
located all over France and Italy
and to the postal network of the Thurn & Taxis family.

1995 the exact same place became
the first Internet Cafe in Paris.
Around the turn of the century came to the café a fascinating Lady to take some Internet lessons.
She was already quite old but still extremely beautiful.
As a young woman she had been a friend of Professor Bell and of Thomas Edison.
Later Coco Chanel and Johannes Thurn & Taxis connected her with the Cremerie.
Aimée de Heeren sponsored the idea
to register the Whitepages Internet domain for
resulting in White and Yellow Pages for many other countries ....

Today Cremerie de Paris, the home of
is a world famous location
for iconic Brand Expos and Pop Up Stores

Cremerie de Paris